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Business insurance is an essential type of cover that protects the financial interests of a business following losses that occur during the normal course of daily operations. From liability to property and vehicle insurance, there are numerous policy types that companies can avail, some of them mandatory and others optional. Beyond the required elements, each company must decide on a package of protection to carry. There are certain things that are required by law, and in framing your business insurance package you'll need to build on those plans to come up with the best combination for you and your business.

Required Insurance for Every Business

Every company in the UK must be protected against third party threats according to the law. This means that employer's liability insurance is required for every company that has employees. Employer's liability is tremendously valuable cover, as it provides protection in the event that an employee becomes sick or injured on the job and takes legal action against the company. 5 million pounds is the minimum amount required by law, but most plans exceed that minimum.

Professional indemnity business insurance is required for some companies, those that could face legal action due to professional advice they give or for negligence claims. There are actually many professions that fall into this category, such as physicians, attorneys, and financial professionals. This particular area tends to generate some very expensive lawsuits, so business insurance to protect against professional indemnity is crucial; in many cases, even just one suit against your company can drain your assets and handicap your ability to meet the daily needs of ordinary operations.

Vehicle cover is also required for all businesses that use vehicles for work purposes. It doesn't matter whether you own a whole fleet or just one car, and it also doesn't matter whether you are the title owner or the vehicle is in the company name. Vehicle business insurance is mandatory for any auto that is used for work related purposes. A standard private vehicle policy is insufficient in these cases and an insurer is likely to reject a claim in the event of an accident or other situation occurring during normal business usage. Having a solid policy for your vehicles is just as important as any other mandatory area of cover, because businesses that use their cars and trucks for the work they do count on them to carry on their normal operations day to day.

Optional Insurance Plans for Businesses

But although these are the only required business insurance elements that companies must carry, there are some other optional policies which are important to consider for the additional benefits and protection that they offer. Small business and huge corporations alike might face a whole range of threats every day their doors are open, so having the most diverse range of cover is essential. Public liability insurance, for example, is a tremendously valuable plan that protects you if a customer or other member of the public files suit against you following illness or injury that they claim your company caused.

Business insurance covering your property is also available, also known as premises cover. This protects you from direct financial losses that can occur as a result of fire, theft, bursting pipes, storms, explosions, and so on at your place of operations. A complete listing of the coverages included in this and all other policies can be obtained from any provider, as well as a summary description of limits and exclusions, which are important to know and understand as well. These are just a few examples of the numerous optional plans that any business could invest in when they get insured. The stronger and more comprehensive your combination of cover, the better prepared you will be to respond to the ever changing circumstances that always surround businesses.

Best Rates for Insurance Cover

For most businesses, the ideal scenario would be to avail every possible form of protection and get as insulated as possible from the threats we face every day. Unfortunately, for most of us we have to consider these investments more fully prior to making a choice like that. The financial cost of a plan is likely going to be the driving force that determines whether a company can afford to get enrolled. It's important to compare offers from multiple providers to be sure you have gathered the best of what the market has to offer.

Take a look at some free quotes for quality affordable business insurance using our free quote form. Simply fill in one simple form to receive estimates from several leading providers in the industry. Examine all of your options and put together a plan that's right for you and your organization. Save time even while working to save money on your business insurance.

Business Insurance Explained

Don't get confused about your business insurance cover. Read our business insurance guides to make sure you have the right cover for your business.