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Business contents insurance is a special type of contents policy specially set aside for businesses. In an office or other corporate environment there are many items that the insurance industry would define as contents. Essentially, contents are anything that is not a part of the permanent structure of the building or permanently attached to that structure. The desks and desk chairs we sit in at our cubicles and the laptops we use are all items that can be covered by business contents insurance. Like in regards to business health insurance, there are some special concerns that a business has in particular that can make this policy even more of a necessity.

For example, many of the things in offices disappear forever after a certain time. Employee theft is a major problem with some businesses. This portion of a business insurance plan addresses these and other issues to make sure the insured is ready with a claim if anything comes up missing or destroyed. In this regard a business contents insurance plan is no different than a personal one in the sense that the payout you receive will depend upon the cover that you have in place, whether indemnity cover or new for old. Many times a company has to make these choices based on their overall budget and their capability to pay out extra on this policy.

Limits and Excess

The limits of your business contents insurance plan are the the most most money that can be paid out for a claim. Everything in addition to that would have to be paid out of pocket. In a similar way, the excess is the amount you are required to pay out of pocket before a claim will be paid. Compulsory excess is the amount that policyholders are required to pay by their insurance companies, and any voluntary excess is the amount above and beyond that compulsory level that you agree to pay. The limits and the excesses of your business contents insurance plan are important because they weigh heavily in on the rates you pay. The higher the limits, the higher the rates, but also the better the cover. Conversely, higher voluntary excess means lower rates because you are essentially eliminating the possibility of a smaller claim and also reducing the insurer's expense on larger ones as well.

It is good in a contents insurance plan to look at the limits and the excess and to try to set them in such a way that you feel like your business has enough cover but yet that your premium is affordable enough. This is a fine line sometimes. A business contents insurance plan is different from liability cover, for instance, in that your content plan protects your belongings and your liability plan protects you from financial responsibility.

Perils and Contents Insurance

There are several levels of business contents insurance; every business leader should know about these things so that they can make good choices on which levels and types to go with. Named peril only covers risks that are specifically named; multi peril is also known as broad form and covers everything except named exclusions; and all peril covers anything and everything. All peril plans are not very common but you can get them, although they are very expensive.

There are some things that every potential policyholder needs to think about when they get set to get insured on behalf of their business. The extent of the cover you are looking for is one major question. It is great to be protected, but the more you have the more it will cost as well. This applies to concepts like new for old, which replaces lost or destroyed items rather than paying out a depreciated amount for them, as well as all peril plans and options of that nature.

Affordable Content Policies

As a business owner, you need to make decisions on your contents insurance based on what you need and what you can afford. Sometimes the two are in opposition to one another, meaning small businesses can't get the protection they are looking for because they can't afford it. One way to try to avoid this dilemma is to look for lower rates on your policies. Compare quotes for business contents insurance and find out how much you can afford when you get connected with the best and most affordable insurers in the local area.

Use our free form to examine pricing and do a comparison of the estimates you get back. There are many ways that owners can try to save money, but it is not wise to eliminate these policies because of all the protection they represent. Better to work to save off of the premium cost of business contents insurance so that you can possibly get the best of both protection and pricing.

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