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Business fleet insurance gives your company the cover it needs to protect the cars, vans or trucks that are necessary to your operations. If your enterprise depends on vehicles to transport customers, deliver goods, provide training to new drivers or other important services, you need a dedicated policy to insure these assets. A proper fleet insurance policy protects you against the liabilities associated with all motor vehicles and protects these investments against accidental damage or theft.

A business vehicle insurance may consist of hire cars, delivery vans, taxi cabs or driving instruction automobiles. Businesses that maintain a fleet of cars or trucks must be financially prepared to face third party claims if customers or members of the public suffer injuries or the loss of property due to the actions of a company driver. Comprehensive coverage provides benefits to keep your cars in top condition and pay for any necessary repairs. A comprehensive business fleet insurance should also protect your business against the loss of these assets due to theft or fire.

Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Protection

In the UK, all businesses that utilise cars, vans, scooters or other motorised vehicles in the course of their business must carry business vehicle insurance. This form of commercial insurance protects your financial assets and your staff against the consequences of third party claims. If one of your drivers or other staff members injures another person or causes damage to a car when driving for work purposes, commercial vehicle insurance will pay out to compensate the injured party.

Whether or not your facility runs a single car or a fleet of trucks, you must carry a minimal amount of commercial auto cover. Employees who use their personal automobiles for work purposes must be insured under your business policy, as well. Even if an employee merely runs errands on behalf of the company with his or her personal car now and then, you must include the car in your cover.

Comprehensive business fleet insurance protects your cars and trucks against damages that could potentially disable these important investments. Comprehensive policies also maintain the professional image of your fleet by providing benefits to to repair the body or windscreen of a car. Business fleet insurance gives you the financial resources you require to ensure that your fleet is in top condition and represents your company's image in a positive light, no matter where your vehicles travel.

Protecting Your Drivers

An essential component of a business fleet insurance umbrella policy includes protection for your drivers or instructors. Employer's liability insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, and the Health and Safety Executive may impose daily fines on businesses that do not carry proper coverage. The HSE may even shut down your operation if you do not protect your financial assets against claims brought by employees who are injured on the job or fall ill due to circumstances at work.

In addition to employer's liability cover, your company must protect its drivers or instructors against public liabilities that may be unrelated to driving. If a customer complains that a delivery person misplaced an order, causing a financial loss to the other business, you may be held liable for the mishap. If a student claims that an instructor made an error during the course of training that resulted in a financial loss, you may be held responsible for the mistake.

Small businesses, in particular, are financially vulnerable to such claims because of their limited resources. Whilst cars and vans represent a significant investment and a crucial resource, they also expose your company and your drivers to many risks. With comprehensive business fleet insurance coverage, you can guard your enterprise against all contingencies.

Optional Cover for Commercial Fleets

In addition to the trucks that deliver goods to your customers, you may require insurance for these goods, themselves. The products you deliver represent a significant source of revenue. If one of your vans were destroyed in an accident, burned or stolen, you would not only lose the van but the goods it was transporting at the time of loss. Goods in transit protection is not a legal requirement, nor do all businesses need to include this option in a business fleet insurance package. However, businesses that rely on the prompt delivery of products should consider carrying goods in transit cover as part of a business fleet insurance policy.

Breakdown coverage, courtesy vehicles and other optional protection can increase the value of business fleet insurance policies. Before you invest in any form of commercial protection, compare quotes from a number of reliable providers on a tailored policy that will protect you against the liabilities associated with your line of work. The best form of protection for your company is designed to suit your unique requirements.

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