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Business office insurance protects the premises where you conduct your business and the supplies and equipment you use in your operations. The office where your employees interact with clients, maintain your records and communicate with colleagues or customers is vital to your success. Without proper business office insurance, the loss of your premises in a fire, flood or other disaster could result in a prolonged interruption of your services.

If you work in finance, insurance or another industry in the service sector, you know how important your office is to your business. Your premises are the centre of your operations and communications. Many offices include storage areas for key paper documents or electronic files that are vital to their operations. Business office insurance can insure the structure you occupy and its valuable contents, so that your financial security isn't compromised by a natural disaster or a legal action.

Office Insurance Benefits

Business office insurance pays out to repair or rebuild the structure where you conduct your business if it's damaged by a fire, flood, explosion or other peril named in your contract. Your policy covers the fixed elements of the building, including its foundation, walls, ceilings, permanent electrical and plumbing fixtures. If any of these structural elements are damaged or destroyed by covered hazards, you will receive benefits from your insurer. You may also recover financial losses if the premises are so badly damaged that they can't be occupied.

Business office insurance may also protect the contents of your building. Your computers, telephones and other electronic equipment, furnishings, office supplies, product samples and other movable items on the premises may be included in your coverage, however additional business fleet coverage may still be needed. If you are renting the office, you may require only business contents insurance. Your landlord will maintain insurance for the building that you occupy.

Commercial contents insurance will pay out to replace or repair damaged or destroyed furnishings, equipment, supplies or other assets. Many businesses aren't aware of the total value of the furniture, flooring, shelving and other elements on their premises. If you keep stock or product samples on your premises, replacing these items could be costly. Before you invest in a policy, determine how much cover you require by taking an inventory of the contents of your commercial building. To find competitively priced, tailored coverage, contact a number of top companies for quotations.

Home Office Insurance

If you run a company from home, you may require cover that's dedicated to home offices. Your residential home cover may not be extensive enough to protect you against the liabilities you face in your profession. Some providers can even tailor a policy to protect your dwelling both as a private residence and as a business. Professionals who work at home may combine covers in order to save money and protect all aspects of their operations.

Consultants, architects, engineers, attorneys and other highly trained professionals who provide advice for a living require professional indemnity protection. Indemnity coverage insures you against financial losses if a client or patient claims that you offered incorrect advice, failed to provide necessary information or presented a faulty design. If you operate a consultancy in your personal residence, your professional indemnity coverage may be combined with business office insurance.

Public liability cover insures you against claims brought by third parties due to injuries or property losses caused by your company. Home-based child care centres and other small businesses may require public liability cover to protect them against potentially devastating financial losses. If the success of your company relies on interactions with the public, a public liability policy will help you maintain your financial stability in the event of a legal action brought by a customer, client or visitor to your premises.

Affordable Business Insurance

Business office insurance shouldn't compromise your company's budget. You can reduce the costs of insuring your company by practicing standard safety precautions. Fitting your premises with fire and burglar alarm systems, high performance locks, grills or bars on the windows may help you achieve lower premiums, especially if your business is located in a high risk postcode. Any measures that you take to increase the safety and security of your premises and avoid claims may result in cheaper premiums.

By combining business office insurance with public liability or other commercial covers, you may cut the costs of insuring your company. Each company deserves a policy that's tailored to the size of its staff, the nature of its operations and the risks it encounters daily. Whether you run a small office or a large consultancy, you can find competitively priced cover when you compare quotes from a number of trusted providers. Take advantage of our free online search features to avail a dedicated policy that suits your organisation.

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