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Business public liability insurance allows you to conduct your business without worrying about the financial consequences of third party claims. Claims brought by customers, clients, visitors or other members of the public are among the most common risks that business owners face. An expensive lawsuit could have a severe financial impact on your company if you aren't properly insured by public liability insurance.

If you and your staff deal with the public daily in the course of your business, you run the risk of being pursued for compensation if a customer or visitor is injured or loses property due to the actions of your company, a product you sold or a service you provided. As hard as you work to please your customers, claims are not uncommon. Although business public liability insurance is not legally required, a public liability policy could save your company more so than business office coverage policies from potentially devastating losses.

Benefits of Public Liability Insurance

Business public liability insurance benefits may help your company continue its operations and retain its financial assets if you are involved in a costly legal action. Many businesses aren't aware of how frequently their staff interacts with the public. Dealing with customers may be one of the most rewarding aspects of conducting business; however, these interactions also expose you to liabilities.

Injuries that occur on commercial premises may be the most common cause of third party claims. Slip and fall incidents, in which a customer steps on spilled liquids or ice, slips and suffers a fracture or other injury, may be the most frequent occurrences. These preventable incidents result in many legal actions year, with business owners suffering losses as a result.

A small shop or restaurant, in particular, may be vulnerable to losses due to third party claims. Most smaller businesses -- and larger companies, as well -- can't afford to compensate an injured party for medical treatment, rehabilitation and lost wages. Business public liability insurance pays out to cover third party injuries or losses, as well as legal costs, so that your group can continue to operate successfully.

Liability Insurance Limits

A business public liability insurance contract includes a limit on the maximum amount that an insurer will pay out for a single claim. Your contract may also include a limit on the total amount your insurer will pay out each year. Before you sign a contract, review the terms carefully to ensure that your organisation or firm is adequately covered against the liabilities you face every day. Carefully consider the damages you might be required to pay in the event of a legal action.

The amount of coverage you need to protect your organisation against third party claims varies according to the size of your company, the type of product or service you provide and the risks inherent in your operations. Smaller businesses that have few interactions with customers may require less cover than larger companies that interact with clients daily. A large shop with a high volume of customers may require a higher level of liability insurance than a small specialist boutique that serves a limited clientele.

Businesses with a high level of risk often choose to carry excess protection to insure themselves against large claims. If the products or services you provide could conceivably cause harm, or a mistake might lead to an injury or illness, your company may require more than the minimum level of coverage. If your organisation handles government contracts, you may need even more extensive financial protection.

Cutting Insurance Costs

Preventing incidents from happening in the first place is one of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of business public liability insurance. Many costly legal actions might be avoided by taking proper safety precautions, such as cleaning up spilled liquids immediately, keeping garages properly secured and avoiding clutter in entry ways or aisles. Training your new employees in safety measures may also eliminate the incidents that increase the cost of your policy.

The more thoroughly you protect yourself against third party claims, the more you minimise risks in your operation. By paying a voluntary excess and making no claims within a policy period, you can achieve lower business public liability insurance premiums. An insurer may reduce your rates if you have a proper continuity plan in place, detailing the measures you would take in the event of an incident that threatened to shut down your operations.

Compare quotes from multiple business public liability insurance providers in your area to determine the costs of insuring your business. To avoid being underinsured, discuss your needs with a liability insurance specialist who can advise you on the level of protection you require. By combining your business public liability insurance with other commercial policies, you may be able to save money whilst providing comprehensive protection for your organisation.

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