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Business surgery insurance offers tailored protection to meet the needs of doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other medical professionals. To earn a living from your practice, you require not only a high level of training and skill, but a building, instruments and other material assets. Business surgery insurance protects these assets, insures your business against public liabilities and may prevent the loss of revenue during a business interruption.

In combination with the financial security that a business surgery insurance policy provides, a doctor, dentist or other medical professional who consults with patients for a living must carry professional indemnity insurance. You must also insure your business with employer's liability cover to protect your financial interests against claims made by your employees. If a member of your staff is injured or falls ill due to conditions in your surgery, employer's liability cover pays out to cover the costs of these claims.

Protecting Your Surgery

The surgery where you consult with your patients represents a vital source of income. When going into practice, many physicians and dentists seek out desirable locations in areas that are convenient to hospitals and other facilities. In addition, you have probably invested a great deal of money in the examination equipment, examination chairs and tables, instruments, supplies, furnishings and computers that fill your surgery.

Business surgery insurance includes building protection for the structure your surgery occupies, including its walls, floors, doors and windows, permanent plumbing and electrical fixtures and other immovable elements should be considered with business facility insurance. Contents insurance covers the equipment, computers, instruments, medical supplies and other movable property. Together, building and contents cover insures a small business against damages due to fire, water escape, falling branches, forced entry theft or other hazards.

With building and contents protection, you have the financial resources you require to repair or replace the premises that you own in the event of a major disaster. Your tailored business benefits will help you restore your surgery and return to business quickly. Business surgery insurance is an essential component of the continuity plan that will allow you to continue to practice in spite of unanticipated interruptions.

Professional Indemnity Coverage

As a highly educated professional who earns a living consulting clients in matters of health, performing examinations and procedures, you must protect your source of income from claims brought by patients. Doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other medical professionals are required to carry professional indemnity insurance to protect them against accusations of negligence by their clients or their families. If a patient or a member of his or her family were to pursue you for compensation for harm you allegedly caused, professional indemnity insurance would pay out to protect your financial interests and pay for your legal expenses.

Your business surgery insurance cover would be incomplete without a proper professional indemnity policy. Your office would most likely close if you or one of your partners in the practice were not able to provide the necessary services to patients. With professional liability coverage, you can continue to operate as usual in spite of claims brought by third parties.

The amount of professional indemnity protection you require depends on the amount of income you generate, the size of your staff and the level of risk involved in your practice. A professional indemnity policy includes a coverage limit, which represents the maximum sum that your insurer will pay to cover a single claim, or the amount your insurer will pay within a policy period. It is very important to ensure the you have enough coverage to avoid being held responsible for damages in excess of these limits.

Public Liability Coverage for Surgeries

Business surgery insurance may include a dedicated form of public liability coverage. Public liabilities insurance protects your financial assets against claims brought by patients or clients who declare that they were hurt or suffered a loss of property on your premises. For instance, if a patient slips and falls on ice on your front step, he may file a claim if he suffers a fractured wrist.

Like any other commercial enterprise, a medical practice is exposed to liabilities and potential losses each day. If your practice were to suffer the loss of one of its key members, a natural disaster or another occurrence that required you to close your doors temporarily, interruption protection would protect your income until you could resume your daily operations. As part of a business surgery insurance package, an interruption policy may ensure your financial success, no matter what the circumstances.

Insuring surgeries against the liabilities that they face each day requires a comprehensive approach. Before you purchase your legally required employer's liability and professional indemnity insurance, compare quotes from multiple providers on a tailored policy that combines the covers you require. Business surgery insurance dedicated to the needs of doctors, dentists and other medical professionals will ensure your success and maintain the continuity of your practice.

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