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Driving School Business Insurance

With driving school business insurance protecting your facility, you can enjoy the challenges of teaching new drivers the rules of the road without worrying about risks or liabilities. Driving instructors play a vital role in maintaining the safety of the roads and motorways in the UK. Without properly trained motorists on the streets, the rate of collisions and motoring offences might be considerably higher than it is today. With proper coverage for your facility, you can thoroughly enjoy the personal and financial rewards of your enterprise.

Training new drivers is a risky proposition, especially when you're working with younger drivers who may be impulsive or lack confidence in their driving skills. In addition to protecting the premises of the driving school itself, you must protect your instructors and the fleet of vehicles operated by the school, similar to that involved with business surgery coverage. A comprehensive driving school business insurance policy includes a number of essential covers that will keep your business financially secure.

Driving School Liability Insurance

At a driving school, the risk of collisions and injuries may be quite high. With provisional drivers who are practicing their skills, minor accidents may result in serious injuries. Even with the most careful instructors on your staff, you can never anticipate every move that a learning driver may make. Public liability business insurance can be tailored to the needs of a driving school to protect your financial assets against third party claims due to bodily injuries or property loss.

The extent of the coverage you require depends on the size of the facility, the number of instructors on your staff and the number of cars in your fleet. Because damages for physical injury related to a vehicle collision can be quite high, some schools carry excess protection in addition to the maximum benefit allowed by their policy. Legal expenses coverage should also be included in your set of covers to pay for attorneys fees and court costs.

A driving school business insurance package must include employer's liability insurance to cover instructors and other members of the staff. In the UK, any business that employs one or more individuals must have employer's liability cover to protect the company against third party claims brought by employees who suffer an illness or injury due to conditions at work. Public agencies, health service organisations and businesses that employ only immediate family members are exempt from carrying this form of business insurance.

The likelihood of an instructor being injured when teaching a learner driver a new skill is fairly high. Instructors may be harmed whilst riding in a car or standing outside the vehicle helping a new driver maneuver a car in a training area. To avoid fines and other legal actions by the Health and Safety Executive, protect your company with proper employer's liability cover.

Instructors may also be the subject of third party claims if they are present in a car at the time an injury occurs. Clients or their families may file complaints based on property loss, injuries or improper instruction. Your instructors are among the greatest assets to your company, ensuring its success and the success of its students. Driving school business insurance should protect the school itself and insure its instructors against potential liabilities, as well.

Business Cover for Commercial Fleets

In addition to protecting your instructors, you must protect your vehicles and other drivers or passengers with commercial vehicle insurance. Because the vehicles that you use in training are necessary for your success, providing adequate protection is crucial in order to maintain a successful operation. Driving school business insurance policies provide comprehensive cover for your cars, which insures these vehicles against accidental damages as well as fire and theft.

Commercial vehicle insurance is a legal requirement for all businesses that use cars, trucks or vans in the course of their operations. When you work with a provider to create a tailored driving school business insurance policy, it's only natural that you include comprehensive cover for these valuable investments. Compare quotes from a number of providers that specialise in driving school business insurance to determine if you can reduce the cost of insuring your fleet by including this cover in a combined business policy.

Each commercial enterprise faces its own set of risks, and schools for new drivers are no exception. Whether you operate a large facility or a small company consisting of one or two instructors, protecting your financial assets with driving school business insurance is essential to your success. Keep your instructors, students and commercial vehicles secure a policy that addresses all of these needs at prices you can afford. Take advantage of the free resources on our site to find a reliable provider that will tailor a driving school business insurance product to your requirements.

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