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Welcome to our business knowledge centre, a comprehensive source of information addressing all aspects of insuring a commercial enterprise. Whether you operate a machine shop, a public house, a surgery or a driving school, you'll find relevant articles that will help you determine which type of business cover will best protect your financial interests. Insuring your business properly against liabilities and losses also insures your financial stability. We invite you to use our resources as a means of ensuring your success.

Legal Requirements for Businesses

The world of business is fast-paced and competitive. In order to keep up with the legal requirements for maintaining your operations, you must stay informed about the business insurance that you need. Business owners who fail to properly insure their company may face fines or potential closure. Our articles provide useful information about the type of insurance your business must have, including business coverage products, in order to meet your legal requirements in the UK.

Employer's liability insurance is required by all businesses that employ at least one individual, including home-based businesses. The only exemptions to this law are publicly funded agencies, health services organisations, local authorities and businesses that employ only immediate members of the same family. Employer's liability cover insures your business against claims brought by employees who suffer injuries, become ill or lose property due to the actions of your business or the condition of your premises.

Professional liability insurance is required by highly educated professionals who earn an income by providing advice or designs. Doctors, attorneys, engineers, architects, financial advisors, therapists and others must carry professional liability insurance to protect themselves against claims of negligence, faulty design solutions or giving incorrect advice. If you are pursued by a client who claims that your advice or design caused physical harm or financial losses, your professional indemnity policy would pay out to cover damages and legal expenses.

Commercial vehicle insurance is legally required by all businesses that utilise cars, vans, trucks, scooters or other motor vehicles for work purposes. Your commercial vehicle insurance policy must also cover employees who use their personal cars to carry out business. Comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance can protect these assets against third party claims, accidental damages or theft.

Protection Against Liabilities and Losses

As the resources in our business insurance knowledge centre indicate, public liability insurance is one of the most important forms of financial protection for businesses of all kinds. Although public liability insurance is not a legal requirement, all businesses that have interactions with members of the public -- including customers, vendors, visitors or bystanders -- should carry insurance to protect their interests against claims of physical injury or property loss. Public liability insurance can protect your business against accidents that occur on your premises or claims that you provided a product or service that proved harmful.

In addition to protecting yourself financially against claims made by clients, customers or employees, your business should insure the valuable property that allows you to carry out your operations. Business building insurance can protect the structure that you own and its contents, whether you operate a shop, a plant or a small consultancy. The equipment, tools, supplies, stock, furnishings and computers that you use in your daily work processes have a significant value to your enterprise, and these investments should be properly covered.

The articles in our business knowledge centre provide helpful information about your options for insuring your commercial property. Here you will also find resources that pertain to the optional covers that a business may carry. Business interruption insurance, key person cover, goods in transit and stock protection are among the many options you may use to create a multi-faceted business insurance policy.

Tailored Business Insurance Policies

When faced with the need to purchase business insurance, many business owners feel overwhelmed by the options that they have available. At, we are aware that no two businesses have the same requirements when it comes to insurance. Most commercial entities will derive the greatest benefit from a policy that's tailored to their specific needs. We invite you to browse through our knowledge centre to find information about the types of cover that may best protect your business.

If your business has a limited budget, you may also wonder how to get the costs of insuring your business down. In our knowledge centre, you'll find advice on minimising the cost of insurance and achieving discounts on your cover. We encourage you to utilise the free resources in our business insurance knowledge centre to find comprehensive protection at affordable prices. The request form on our site gives you access to our network of trusted providers, who are happy to help you design a business insurance policy that will protect you against the risks and liabilities you face in your daily operations.

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