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Landlord insurance secures the assets that allow you to earn an income letting property to tenants. Landlord insurance includes a number of covers that are designed to protect landlords against the losses and liabilities that might compromise their financial security. Protection for your building and its contents, protection against third party claims and cover against loss of rent are among the benefits that may be included in your insurance policy.

Acting as a landlord presents both rewards and risks. A buy to let house or a larger commercial building may provide a steady, secure source of income, which may either supplement your salary or allow you to earn your entire living through the rent that your tenants provide. Many pensioners have entered the real estate investment market by purchasing buy to let properties that allow them to earn cash to complement their retirement funds. Protect the assets that allow you to earn this income, similar to driving school business coverage, by investing in comprehensive landlord insurance.

Building Insurance for Landlords

Your building and its contents represent a significant financial investment to a landlord. Your financial success depends almost entirely on the property you let to your tenants. Building insurance protects the structural elements of your building against fire, floods, falling branches, vehicle or aircraft collisions, water escape from broken plumbing, vandalism or damage to doors and windows due to forced entry theft.

Landlord insurance for buildings generally will not pay for damages due to deterioration of the structure or failure to maintain the structure. Other perils may be excluded from your contract, such as damage from do-it-yourself projects, terrorism or nuclear activity. The more you do to maintain the safety of the dwelling, the lower your premiums may be.

Landlord insurance covers only the fixed elements of your property, including walls, ceilings, floors, electrical and plumbing fixtures and windows. If you are letting an unfurnished home or flat, your tenants will be responsible for insuring the property they own, including their furnishings, appliances, decorative objects, utensils and clothing. If the house or flat is furnished, you may require landlord insurance for the contents you allow your tenants to use.

If you own a buy to let house, a personal home insurance policy may not provide the coverage you need. As a landlord, you require coverage that's tailored to the risks you encounter in the course of your business activities. Maintaining the security of your buy to let house is important not only for your own financial protection, but for your tenants' safety. No matter how small your house may be, the property should be protected with landlord insurance.

Landlords Liability Insurance

Public liabilities prompt claims from many business owners, and landlords are no exception. Any business that relies upon its interactions with the public is exposed to liabilities on a routine basis. Customers, clients and renters may all claim injuries or losses due to actions taken or mistakes committed by a business. For many uninsured businesses, public liability losses can be financially devastating.

A landlord faces certain risks by letting properties to tenants, including the risk of a tenant being injured or suffering property damage. If you are pursued for compensation by a tenant who slipped and fell on a broken staircase or loses personal belongings due to water escaping from a leaking window, you could suffer significant financial losses if you weren't properly insured. Landlord liability cover protects you against financial losses and legal expenses if you are sued by a tenant or a visitor.

Loss of Rent Insurance

The rent you receive represents a significant source of your income. If you are letting a buy to let house, the rent you collect may also be the source of your monthly mortgage repayments. Without the income provided by renters, a landlord would be unable to continue business. Damages to the structure that you own could cause an interruption in your income until the home could be repaired or rebuilt.

If the structure you are letting is damaged by fire, flood, an explosion or another peril covered in your landlord insurance policy, you may claim loss of rent as a benefit of your coverage. Loss of rent cover protects you against financial losses due to natural disasters, crimes or other incidents that make the structure uninhabitable. Your policy may also pay out if your renter defaults on his monthly payments and you are unable to collect your income.

Landlord insurance should be tailored to your needs so that you receive the maximum benefit from this form of business cover. Whether you let a small flat or a multi-level dwelling, your policy should give you greater peace of mind about the security of this important asset. To find affordable, quality cover for this valuable investment and increase your financial stability, compare quotes from a number of trusted insurers.

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