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Buying public liability business insurance or small business general liability coverage is essential to keeping your business working efficiently and protected from claims made against it by members of the public. Even in the most efficient, well run workplace that features the best trained and most contentious staff, accidents can happen. Whether it be a coffee cup left in the wrong place or a machine left on for too long, things can go wrong anywhere and when they do, and damages are caused to a member of the public, you're going to need insurance to cover your liability and pay-out for the claim made against you.

That's why public liability business insurance is so important to everyone who owns his or her own company in the UK. As well as keeping those who come into contact with your staff and the work they do protected, it also protects your business from having to cover large pay-outs for their liability. While all forms of insurance protect the holder, public liability business insurance protects the general population and is, therefore, a truly essential item to the way companies in the UK work. It is, in many ways, one of the backbones of British company law.

Examples of its Importance

So, how important is the purchase of Public Liability coverage? In order to show just how easily an accident for which you are liable can occur on your premises let's take a couple of examples of everyday office and workplace situations which can result in a claim. These are not exclusive to dangerous job sites or areas where heavy machinery is being operated. These are things that can take place anywhere, underlining the great importance of public liability business insurance. So, let's have a look at some of the things that can trigger a claim against you and your business.

Let's say you run a lucrative person-to-person sales company that operates at trade and expo shows. Your employees put on demonstrations using microphones and hot lights at their designated stand in front of thousands of people. At one show a lead from your microphone is slightly out of position and trails onto the walkway in front of the stand. A delegate from another stand trips over it and injures themselves in the fall, needing a short stay in hospital to recover. Here we see how, out of something miniscule that could happen to even the most careful company, a claim is made which insurance is vital to cover.

In order to further underline the importance of public liability business insurance let's take another example from a different kind of business. Let's say that you run a small office, generally not open to the public. As you have a small crew and few visitors your liability insurance needs are low and so you don't take out much public liability business insurance to cover yourself. One day, however, a salesperson from your paper supplier visits in order to show you a new line of products they have begun using.

As he walks past the water cooler he slips on a small pool of water that had been spilled there earlier in the day. The amount of liquid was too small to be noticed by anyone in the office but was large enough to cause a trip and, having been hurt in the fall, the salesperson is now claiming against your business. As you have only the minimum amount of liability insurance you are unprepared for the claim and have to pay damages from the company bank account, which could cause all kinds of serious issues with your bank balance.

Things to Consider

Be aware that, though public liability business insurance is required by pretty much every business in the UK, the levels required will vary and no one is better placed than you to judge how much your company needs. Though most insurers and brokers in the UK are honest and professional, they are also business-people and have a vested interest in you taking out as much cover as possible. That is why using an on-line price comparison websites to find your public liability insurance can be so helpful. These sites deliver lots of clear, unbiased information quickly to your computer and should be consulted on any public liability business insurance purchase you make.

When a member of the public is injured by the work you do, you will be liable for a claim. No matter how safe your workspace or how well trained your staff this can happen, so you have to have some kind of protection for when it does. Public liability business insurance gives exactly that protection. Don't get caught out by a claim at the wrong time. Make sure you protect your company with some strong coverage from the beginning.

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