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Getting small business van insurance is one of the key components to running a company which uses vans as one of the main tools to get its service or product to its customers. With advances in technology making the world smaller and smaller each day, more and more companies are using delivery and transport services to reach their customers - online shopping companies, for example, who need delivery vans to get their products out there. So, if you are running a new small business it is highly possible you will use a van as part of your day-to-day work. If you do, you will need to look into the insurance questions that poses.

The Legal Requirements

First things first - driving a van or having a van driven for you small business without the proper insurance is against the law. Even before we get into the general common sense related to insuring such a key part of your company with small business van insurance, know that having vans on the road without it is highly likely to land you a large fine or worse. Like small business liability cover, insuring your vans is simply a must buy insurance policy for your small business.

Even if you are inclined to ignore the legal reasoning and send out your drivers in uninsured vans, you might want to consider the financial ramifications. If you or your employee crashes an uninsured van the damage will come straight out of your pocket. Without any insurance policy to fall back on, your business will be charged for damages to other vehicles, not to mention the cost of replacing the company vehicle and any damaged equipment and stock it was carrying. This is likely to make a much larger dent in your company finances than the premium on small business van insurance.

Types of Coverage

Small business van insurance generally comes in three main types - third party cover, third party fire and theft and full comprehensive. Like their car related equivalents these run from the bare legal minimum (insuring against the damage caused by your own vehicle in an accident) to a complete protective cover against all possible damages. As you are running a small company it is strongly advised for you to purchase the most comprehensive small business van insurance you can find. Your van is a hugely important tool in the way you do business and insurance is not the right area to try and save money.

Keeping Premiums Low

So you have decided you need a fully comprehensive policy to take care of your vans but are worried that the amount of driving you do and the level of cover your require is going to drive your premiums up to unaffordable levels. Rather than just take out a small amount of cover that doesn't provide you with what you really need, you are better off getting the strongest possible coverage and changing other elements regarding security, training and maintenance that keep the price down. Here are some small steps that can be taken to lower the amount you pay.

The main thing you need to do to bring down the price is to show your insurer that you are taking care of the security of the vehicles. One of the surest ways to do this is to fit every van in the company with a tracker so you can keep an eye its location at all times. This means that your drivers will not be able to take your vehicles to areas you would prefer they stayed away from and that they are not parked overnight in the wrong place.

Parking, in fact will be a big part of securing your vans and keeping down the price of small business van insurance. Bring in a rule stating that all company vans need to be parked behind locked gates on company property each evening. If your employee take their business vans home with them make sure that no equipment is being left inside overnight that could either be stolen or attract thieves. Once you can show that you are promoting security of your vehicles you should find your small business van insurance premiums are lowered.

Insurance is one of the most important elements that need to be in place when you run a company of any kind. If you, like many companies in the UK, use vans to transport goods, services or people, you will require some small business van insurance to run efficiently and effectively. Your vans are some of the most important assets your company have. Don't take any risks by scrimping on cover and finding out at the wrong time that your gamble didn't pay off. Get some flexible, comprehensive small business van insurance today.

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