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Tool cover insurance helps you maintain your financial stability by protecting the tools that you work with each day. If you are an independent tradesman or contractor, the tool kit that you carry to your work site is a vital component of your business, allowing you to complete your tasks and earn an income. With proper tool cover insurance, you can protect these valuable instruments against damage, destruction or theft.

Each trade utilises its own tool set and faces a unique set of liabilities in its day to day operations. Whether you're a plumber, a carpenter or an electrician, you rely on that tool set to fulfill your contracts and earn revenue. In addition to the insurance you require to protect yourself against public liability and the cover you need for your commercial truck or van, consider adding tool cover insurance to protect your tools whilst they're in transit or at your work site.

Tool Cover Insurance Benefits

The tools that you use in your trade may represent one of your most significant financial investments. Without these assets, you would very likely be unable to perform your job. Because a tool kit is portable, it's not uncommon for this investment to be lost or damaged. Theft of tool sets is common, as thieves are well aware of the value of these items.

Many tradesmen elect to invest in tool cover insurance because these expensive implements are a key component of their work. The purpose of commercial insurance is to protect the tools, equipment, structures and other assets that allow an independent contractor or small construction firm to stay in operation and avoid financial losses that could devastate your business. When you have adequate cover against all hazards and contingencies, you'll have greater peace of mind both on and off the job, the same holds true for nightclub business protection.

A tool cover insurance policy pays out if your tool kit is stolen or destroyed by fire or other hazards. If you use a vehicle in the course of your operations, you must carry commercial vehicle insurance, which may protect the property inside your truck or van. However, because your tools are of extremely high value, protecting them with a dedicated insurance policy makes good financial sense.

Comprehensive Cover for Tradesmen

Tool cover insurance is an essential ingredient of a comprehensive policy for tradesmen and contractors. In addition to cover for the tools, equipment and supplies that you use in your daily tasks, you must have employer's liability insurance in place if you employ at least one individual. Employer's liability coverage compensates your employees if they are injured or suffer an illness related to their work. You are also legally required to carry commercial vehicle cover if you use cars, vans or trucks in the course of your work operations.

Public liability insurance is critical for all contractors and tradesmen who work in high risk trades. Construction, electrical repair and other trades require working with potentially dangerous tools and machines that could cause severe injuries to a tradesman or repairman, a member of the public or a visitor to the site. Public liability cover insures you against the costs of a legal action if you are pursued for compensation by a third party who suffers injuries or losses due to your actions or to hazards on your construction site.

Premises coverage insures the plant, shop or office where you conduct your business. A premises policy covers the structural elements of your property, such as its foundation, walls and ceiling, against fire, floods, vehicle or aircraft collisions, forced-entry theft, vandalism or other hazards that contractors face when they own a building. The contents of your premises or plant, such as large machinery, computers, furnishings and supplies, require commercial contents protection.

Tool Cover Insurance Quotes Online

Working in a trade is unlike any other business. Providers that understand the nature of your work and the risks inherent in your trade are your best source of affordable protection. When you compare quotations from a number of providers in your area, you increase your chances of availing quality coverage for your tools, equipment, commercial vehicle and other important assets. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for the success of your enterprise, and your success depends largely on having the proper tools to complete the job.

When you request a quotation for tool cover insurance, calculate the value of your tools as accurately as possible. Consider the fact that your tools not only have value in themselves; they have value as instruments of your trade. The amount of coverage you purchase for your equipment will depend upon a correct estimation of the worth of your assets. Save money on commercial coverage by combining covers in a single policy that will protect all aspects of your business.

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