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Travel insurance for business trips is essential if you run a company in the UK which requires members of staff travelling to operate. Not only do you need to protect your staff members who travel on these trips with liability business cover, you also need to protect the equipment, money and business property they are carrying, and this is why you need insurance. Yet, depending on the business you run and the kind of trips your employees go on when they travel, your insurance needs will vary. The same travel insurance for business trips that is bought by one company in your industry may not suit another, as the subtle differences in their operations will change the requirements.

Luckily, travel insurance for business trips is one of the most varied areas of the UK insurance market. No matter what kind of travelling your employees engage in to get your service out there to your customers, you will be able to find an insurer who can match your requirements with a strong policy. Yet, the sheer level of choice for business travel cover can be a little daunting. If you are a start-up company owner this can be particularly true, as you may find yourself faced with so many options and policies that you are unsure what suits you best.

This is where this guide can help you out. While only you will know for certain what the trips your staff go on demand in coverage, here we'll present some of the main options that are available to you in the market, allowing you to make a much more informed choice on travel insurance for business trips. When you have employees travelling to serve your company there are all kinds of risks, both to them and your business. That's why it is so important for you to get the right travel insurance for their trips.

The Standard Policies

Owing to the size of this market it is difficult to define what, exactly, is a standard policy. Each insurer has their own range of terms and conditions, clauses and riders for you to look through. However, if you are simply looking for the absolute bare bones on your travel insurance for business trips you should expect to be covered, for a relatively average premium, on the staff member who is travelling and the basic equipment they are carrying. If you are really on a budget, however, you can push yourself even lower down the scale.

A small, very cheap travel insurance for business trips policy can be purchased from some insurers which just covers the equipment and not the medical or safety concerns of your employee. The business equipment, it should also be noted, will only be covered for replacement or repair up to a certain level. This might be fine if you are on a very tight budget and feel the trips your staff go on pose little to no risk. Otherwise, it will leave you with a very scant amount of cover and most companies will need a more sophisticated travel insurance policy.

Wider Options

So, what are the big risks when your staff members set off? Answering this will answer what options you need to choose when making up your policy as, literally, every eventuality can be covered. The first thing to consider is the staff member themselves. You probably will want to offer them some form of protection but have you considered the cost of a replacement? Insurers offer a replacement option on travel insurance for business trips which will cover the cost of flying a new member of staff out to replace an ill or waylaid employee.

Also, think in some detail about the equipment your staff carry when they travel. Policies will usually cover business equipment up to a certain level and it is easy to purchase a policy that does not cover the full value of the items you use. Also, consider adding delayed equipment options to your insurance. This covers the cost of sending out replacement equipment for items that have been stolen or mislaid on trips.

The other big risk you should consider is the money your employee carries with them. Most standard policies will have a small provision for company cash but this may not be enough, particularly if you work in a sales based industry. Make sure you know how much your cover extends on your travel insurance for business trips policy and whether that is enough.

When you have employees travelling regularly you need to be sure that they and the company are protected. Travel insurance for business trips offers this protection. As it is of such importance, you need to take time and consider exactly what you need from your policy, making sure your interests are secure.

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